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Our Observations

  • Due to the quantity of content tested and the sustained effort required, we recommend students focus on and prepare for either the ACT or SAT, not both at the same time.


  • The best way to decide whether to focus on the ACT or SAT is to take a diagnostic of each.

    • Roughly one-third of students show a scoring difference between the ACT and SAT. We recommend pursuing the test with the higher starting baseline score.

    • We also factor in students’ impressions of each exam, as students tend to prefer one test over the other even when they score similarly on both.


  • Students take the official ACT or SAT three times on average.


  • No student is alike. Students’ academic foundations, learning abilities, goals, timelines, and commitment to independent study vary significantly, which affects the amount of test prep a student may need.


  • The best way for our instructors to assess progress is by reviewing students’ performance on homework assignments and multiple practice tests under simulated testing conditions.


  • Students typically complete two 1.5-hour private lessons per week and five or more full-length proctored practice tests leading up to each of their official test dates.


Succeed with the High Power Learning Method


  1. Analyze: Take a diagnostic ACT and diagnostic SAT to determine the better test for you.

  2. Decide to focus on either the ACT or SAT. 

  3. Begin lessons: Learn the strategies and format for each section of the test, practice consistently, and adjust your prep based on your progress. Most students typically start with 15 1.5-hour lessons.


Our Services


Diagnostic Tests: Determine the Better Test for You

  • 1 diagnostic ACT (without Writing) and 1 diagnostic SAT (without Essay)

  • Consultation to discuss your scores, decide on a test, and develop a prep plan and timeline


1 Materials Package: either ACT or SAT (required with any private instruction)

  • High Power binder containing proprietary strategy guides, curriculum, and lesson plan

  • Approved Testing Timer pacing watch and supplemental practice materials as needed


Private Instruction: 1.5 hours per lesson

  • Individualized instruction and learning plan tailored to your learning style, level, pace, and schedule

  • Time-tested HPL curriculum covering test format, question types, test-taking strategies, and pro tips

  • Targeted practice based on your performance on your diagnostic test, homework, and practice tests


Proctored Practice Test: ACT with Writing or SAT with Essay 

  • 4-hour human-proctored test to develop stamina and focus and fine-tune your test-taking skills

  • Same-day on-site grading: Walk out with your scores.

  • Receive constructive feedback on your essay.


5 Test Sections:

  1. English

  2. Math

  3. eading

  4. Science

  5. Writing (Essay)

Test duration not including breaks: 3 hours

Score Range: 1-36


5 Test Sections:

  1. Reading

  2. Writing & Language

  3. Math: No Calculator

  4. Math: Calculator

  5. Essay

Test duration not including breaks: 3 hours, 50 min

Score Range: 400-1600

Compare your ACT / SAT Scores

ACT and the College Board have completed a concordance study that is designed to examine the relationship between scores on the ACT test and the SAT. Calculate your comparable ACT-SAT scores


2021 ACT Test Dates & Registration

*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the July test date.


2021 SAT Test Dates & Registration

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