"I remember the very first time I took the ACT at my school. I got a 19 on it. Then I started meeting with Caroline. From the very beginning Caroline was able to see the areas I needed help with and address those problems right away. What I also liked about Caroline was that she was always very calm and never made me feel stressed or anxious during our sessions. She helped me raise my score all the way to a 30, which was always my goal even though I was unsure if I could earn that score.

Caroline's patience, encouragement, and straightforward way of explaining things helped me gain confidence in my knowledge and test skills. I was able to receive a score that I am truly proud of, largely due to her guidance. I 100% recommend her to anyone looking to improve their score!"

~ Brooke B.​, Laguna Beach High School, CA

I worked with Ms. Jacqueline Shen, and she is fantastic! She helped me on revising my personal statements and went through the application process with me again and again. She is very responsible, patient, and skilled in revising essays. She not only revised it, but also told me in detail why did she do the revision and how could I improve my writing. Working with her [got] me into one of the best universities that I applied to! Definitely work with her if you need improvements on academics!

~ Joanna L.​, Menaul School, NM

Caroline is the the best mathematician I have ever met. I started meeting with her after starting a challenging calculus class that I had been completely lost in. She would go above and beyond in ensuring I understood the material and what it actually meant. After meeting with her, while over half of my classmates failed the first exam, I didn't just pass the test--I rocked it. If you are a struggling in your class, do not hesitate and schedule a meeting today! It will be the best thing possible to ensure your success. 

~ Nick T., Orange Coast College & Irvine Valley College, CA

"Caroline was my math and science tutor and did a tremendous job prepping me for the ACT. Initially, I did not work with her, but I always saw her tutoring other students. I asked those other students how they did on their tests, and they told me they felt that they had learned a lot. I eventually scheduled some sessions with Caroline, and immediately on practice tests my scores turned aroundScience and math, the sections that I had struggled with the most, greatly improved.


In February 2016 I took my first ACT and got a 27 and 24 on math and science, respectively. From then to April I increased my private sessions with Caroline. My scores improved dramatically. I got my April scores recently and saw that Caroline had helped me improve my scores from a 27 on math to a 31 and from a 24 on science to a 31. The way Caroline broke down each science question helped me so much to find the answers on the test and raise my score significantly. Overall I cannot thank the work that she's done for me, and I whole hardheartedly believe she is a great teacher."

~ Cody E., Servite High School, CA